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October 4th, 2012 - News | 8 Comments

Hello world,

Today I am very proud to present you our new masterpiece – Impressionist.

Impressionist is a business based premium WordPress theme with a unique, impressive and weird  look. It comes with two types of layouts – magazine and corporate, the framework gives you more power to customize the theme that will suit all your needs, it is packed with tons of awesome custom widgets and custom features. This theme is developed with the business intention, but the custom page templates gives you the flexibility to adapt it and use it like a portfolio, magazine or even like a personal blog site.


Here are some themes features:

Rockable Admin Panel v2.0

Impressionist theme comes with the super awesome Rockable Admin Panel built in that is packed with a lot of options for customizing and setting up the theme the way you need and want!

Custom Meta Boxes

Impressionist theme was created with flexibility in mind. We added Custom Meta Boxes options in to each post, page, custom post type so you could set up each page or post to your needs.

Custom Shortcodes

We enhanced the wordpress post editor with a Shortcode Module, in order to give you more power over your content, so you could customize and style it by adding some awesome custom buttons, divide your content in beautiful and nice arranged columns, add some colorful info boxes or insert your content inside toggle content boxes.

More info about Impressionist theme

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  1. Alexandru Vornicescu

    Very good looking theme bro!

  2. Just wondering: I’d like to modify Impressionist to do two pretty big things:

    1. After customers choose a package from the Price Table ((which I would like to list WITHOUT price — just a package description)), I would like them to then be taken to a client brief page that’s within Impressionist/my site.

    Then AFTER they fill in their answers to questions in the brief, I’d like them to have this client brief e-mailed to me, much like a contact form is….complete with details on their answers AND a mention of which package they chose.

    So, can I use the contact form code — modified — to serve as the basis for a client brief, one that would be e-mailed to me like a contact form is, and have it ALSO include the specific package the client (prospective client) asked for? Mind you, this would be a DUPLICATE contact form, just modified; I would STILL like to have the contact form on my site serve as a contact form.

    2. So, how “modifiable” are the colors/graphics/effects of Impressionist? Can I change it to look unique, using my own graphics, or am I locked into whatever the Rockable options provide me with? ALSO: how modifiable are the things I list? Do I HAVE to list all the options you show in the demo — calendar, arrangement of tabs, all the tabs, etc. — can I move around/take things away?

    Thanks! I am VERY happy you came up with this. The “Pricing Table” was the biggest selling point for me, as I want potential clients to be able to get the ball rolling, even if I’m “stopping” the ball to a certain degree with them filling out the brief. :) It’s a good way to screen clients; not every client is a client I’d work with. Thanks again for this great template. I look forward to hearing your answers!!

  3. P.S.: The graphics I’d like to change and use with my own graphics instead…for example: that purple pattern wallpaper. It’s great, but not what I’m looking for in terms of style. I’d rather upload my own image to be used as a background…stuff like that. Hoping I’m not limited to using whatever graphics are in your system for background choices and whatnot….please let me know how that works. Thanks! :)

  4. Wish I could edit my comments…because I just keep coming up with more questions! :)

    So, the portfolio, the “slider” version: why is it that SOMETIMES the screen moves down/up to meet the expanded window after clicking on a thumbnail…and other times not? Worst scenario: when I click on a thumbnail that is close to the bottom area of my view space in both the latest editions of IE and FireFox, there is an expansion….but it happens below my viewing area. On the contrary, if I click on a thumbnail that’s mid to top-range of the area I’m currently viewing, the screen moves to — and centers the view — within the then expanded area.

    Not all of my clients are all that tech savvy; they may keep clicking…and clicking…and clicking…the same thumbnail over and over again, not realizing that they have to scroll down to see the expanded area that is related to the thumbnail they clicked.

    IS there any way to get the screen to always center itself around an expanded area that’s related to thumbnails? It seems pretty hit-or-miss at first glance, and I’d really appreciate a more consistent approach to my work being displayed. :) And yes, this is especially true for the fact that various luddites will be looking through my site, and I want it to be as intuitive and straight-forward as possible.

    Thanks for listening to all my comments! I swear I’d have put all these posts in ONE post if I’d been able to think of all my questions at the same time… :)

    Thanks, once again — looking forward to your answers!

    • Hi JJ,
      Every thing you asked is possible to make/customize, what about portfolio (slider version) – that is a normal behavior for the slider.
      If you have more questions regarding this theme please contact us on

  5. Hello Admin, I just want to know and how to solve this problem when I installed this theme to my wordpress powered blog the excerpt of article doesnt display in homepage, only the title of article. TIA

  6. Where is the support for this theme? I can’t find it anywhere. The link in the theme docs goes to a 404 error page. Is this theme still supported???

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