1. Is spyware/adware embedded in your WordPress themes?

Of course, No! But, some unscrupulous WordPress theme designers have encrypted a few codes and scripts in the themes and made it available to the public. However, you can use Rockable Themes without any fear because such things are not included in our themes. We have used only those links in the WordPress themes that take you back to rockablethemes.com.

2. Will I get any free update after buying a WordPress theme?

Yes. Keep the receipt of your purchase, and you will get free updates on updated theme.

3. Do you offer refunds?

Since the products which we sell are intangible in nature and are delivered through digital technology, we don’t offer refunds for them. Once the transaction is complete, the sale is closed. That’s why it is important that you examine each theme closely and get your queries solved before making any purchase. In case you want to know more about this policy or the procedure, please contact us through an e-mail. We will take care of your queries.

4. How do you get a licensed theme?

All our themes have dual license because the PHP code used in them is accredited by GSL like the WordPress itself. The CSS code, design, images and other elements of our themes are also licensed under any one of our licenses. Whether you get a single or developer licensed theme, depends on your choice of purchase.

5. Am I allowed to sell WordPress themes purchased from you?

NO, you are not allowed. Our themes are copyrighted and thus, cannot be resold in any way. But, if you buy a theme under the Developer License, you can employ it to build your client site.

6. Which WordPress version do I have to have in order to use your WordPress themes?

It’s always better to go with the latest WordPress version for the security reasons. As far as our themes are concerned, they work smoothly on both old and latest versions.

7. What facilities do you offer along with your WordPress Themes?

The access to Rockable Themes Support Forum becomes free for lifetime if you buy any of our Premium WordPress themes. If you face any problem or have any query regarding the theme, you can contact our moderators for assistance.

8. Can I change the WordPress theme that I buy from you?

Absolutely! The license allows you to use and change your theme the way you want. In fact, you can also ask your own web designer to modify the theme for you.

9. Can I change fonts, colors and other elements easily on your WordPress themes?

Absolutely! In our Premium WordPress Themes, you will find built-in theme settings page that enables you to make changes in your site. If you can’t, get in touch with anyone in the Rockable Themes Support Forum for assistance. The person will help you with easy-to-follow instructions required for minor changes.

10. What do I get along with the WordPress theme that I buy from you?

With a Premium WordPress Theme that you purchase from us, you get the following things:
A. Duplicate of the License Agreement.
B. Documentation File.
C. A theme folder with important files required for using the theme.
D. Photoshop PSD files (if it’s a developers version).